My future profession — Ашық сабақ


Subject   Foreign language

Group  204

The theme of the lesson: My future profession


•      to participate in common conversational exchange about choosing a profession;

•      to develop the students’ writing, reading, listening and speaking  abilities;

•      to teach the students to respect and to value their future profession.

Lesson’s type:  revision lesson

Teaching techniques:  writing, reading, speaking, listening, matching, predicting, Q-A work, pair work

Intersubject connection: Practical speech, practical grammar, practical phonetics, psychology

Materials used : New Cutting Edge Students’ Book, grammar table, interactive board, CD-Rom

Procedure of the lesson:

Stages Lesson Phase Teacher & student interaction Time


Organization moment

  • Greeting, date and attendance


T: Listen to me and then you will define the theme of our lesson.

“Choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day  in your  life”

To present  the proverbs and sayings  about the profession of a teacher in three languages.


T- cl

T –SS2…


3 min

2.  Checking up the home task

Exercise 263. Open the brackets using the verbs in Future Simple or Future-in-the-Past Simple.

1. I know we                                                (not to be) late.

2. I knew we                                                 (not to be) late.

3. I want to know whether he                         (to be) at home.

4. I wanted to know whether he                      (to be) at home.

5. «When you                                               (to be) ready?» he asked.

6. He asked when I (to be) ready.

7. I can’t say whether Bob (to do) the work perfectly, but he (to do) his best.

8. He asked me whether he (to see) Olga there.

9. Are you sure that we (to have) time to do that?

10. I was afraid he (to say), «I don’t think I (to be)
able to come.» 11. I did not know what he (to speak)
about. 12.1 knew your aunt (to bake) special Cookies
for all her nieces and nephews.

5 min
3. Introduction of the lesson’s objectives

T: Today we are going to speak about your plans for future and your future professions, revise grammar material, do different exercises, work with topical vocabulary, talk about the difference between job, career and profession and give the description of a modern teacher.



4. Control of knowledge

1.Question-answer work

  • Have you already chosen your future job?
  • Is it  easy to choose a profession?
  • who helped you to make your chance?
  • Do you know much about your future job?
  • what should you do to become successful in your future career
    • What professions do you consider the most important in our life? Why?
    • What did you want to be when you were a child? Did you change your mind?

 2.Work with useful vocabulary

Look at the board. You can see some new words about professions.
•        Manager
•        Postman
•        Designer
•        Nurse
•        Pilot
•        Interpreter
•        Actor/Actress
•         Musician

3.Look at the pictures and  call the names.

4.Writing the names of the professions.

5. Reading  the words and their definitions. It’s important to know how to use the word “job” , “Profession” , “career”.

A job is the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.

A career is the series of jobs that a person does in his/her life.

A profession is a job that requires special training and brings a rather high social status.

6.Now , let’s see how you understood the difference between the words. Fill in this information about career education with job, profession, or career.

a)A______________teacher helps teenagers discover their interests and make the first steps to future________________
b) A lot of teenagers have a part-time________________
c)Annabel hopes to make painting her________________ although she knows it will not be easy.

d) A special booklet provides some tips for finding- the right__________________It gives information about nearly 250________________

e) In their last three years at school, teenagers receive____________advice. There are a lot of_______________to choose from.

7.Doing grammar tasks.

a)With jobs we use the articles aan.
An+ vowel (a, e, i, o, u)
He is an engineer.
She is an actress
A+ other letters
I’m a waiter
He’s a police officer.
b) Putting  the jobs in the correct group
A       an
Nurse    Actor    Lawyer       Actress
  Engineer        Electrician
Police officer     Footballer       Singer   Businesswoman           Teacher

8.Matching the names of the professions with their definitions:

•        Journalist
•        Manager
•        Postman
•        Designer
•        Nurse
•        Pilot
•        Interpreter
•        Actor/Actress
•        Musician
•        a person who directs or manages an organization, industry, shop,
•        a person who drives a railway locomotive; train driver
•        a person who acts in a play, film, broadcast, etc
•        a person qualified to design buildings and to superintend their erection
•        a person whose occupation is journalism
•        a person who plays or composes music, esp. as a profession
•        a person whose work is to translate from one language to another in the oral form
•        a person who is qualified to operate an aircraft or spacecraft in flight
•        a person who carries and delivers mail as a profession
9.Describing  a teacher

10. Explaining the role of professions and predicting their significance in the development of our country.

Our college prepares  modern specialists in different spheres, what are they?
Preschool education and training
Physical training and sports
Elementary education
The fine arts and plotting
Music education
The basic secondary education
Information systems
Translation studies
Catering hotel industry




















































































30 min
5. Giving marks  


The students assess themselves with this card:

poor average good excellent
— I have learnt the difference between the words  job, career and profession and can use them in my speech
— I can understand any information about professions
— I can discuss some questions about professions
— I can talk about my Future profession
— I can use Grammar Structures
— Now I’m a good speaker


Home task

1. To learn all the new words.

2. To write an essay:

“Is it difficult to be a teacher?”

T-Cl 5min



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